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About Us

The Ebony Grove Associates-TEGA, is dedicated to spreading a truthful and Biblically-accurate prophetic message from God using available means in technology to reach a wider mass globally. “Available means” includes a combination of old and new technologies in education (sp., on-line and a brick and mortar School for Prophecy; church planting, in-prison Bible prophecy instruction; mobile instruction such as pitching a tent and holding a series of meetings; outdoor and in-door meetings featuring music and prophetic teaching; equipping conferences for disciple-makers, and, finally, mass rallies.


TEGA’s future goals is to use the “Available means” which may include technologies that have yet to be invented or strategies that God has not yet revealed in spreading the truthful message and we believe when excellence is attached to everything we do, Our God has no limits on what He can do through devoted servants!

Our goal is to spread a truthful and Biblically-accurate prophetic message from God beginning in Kenya to serve the saints of the world. Our commitment to Christ is to use sound business principles; prayerful, Spirit-led decision-making; and our use of available means to make TEGA the best in the world at what we do: Specifically, teaching God’s people a unifying message of how to prepare for unparalleled suffering and also the glory of the Kingdom of God which follows.

By promoting unity through truth, we exist to identify believers who will heed the Lord’s warnings and joyfully obey His instructions. We do not merely wish to teach but to bring salvation. We desire to raise up teachers who join us in proclaiming “The Kingdom of heaven is near!”

TEGA is committed to spreading the message through technologies, both new and old such as published or printed materials in a wide variety of languages (sp. books of different types for all ages, study guides, pamphlets, tracts, instruction manuals on discipleship, textbooks and commentaries on prophetic books or texts in the Bible). New technologies for spreading the word will include eBooks, audio books on CD, streaming live teaching conferences and audio podcast.

Our use of new technologies such as digital media will include our own studio production of videos, YouTube channel, Apps, podcasts, books on CD, website/blog, films, made-for-TV shows, music and movies of different types and for all ages).

our Team

We have a diverse team.


Brother Meshach

Sales and editorial department


Brother Tom

Print media


Brother Josh

Web & media


Brother Jacob